Who is Modern Rockstars? A Backstage Look Of How The Brand Began

What does it mean to be a Modern Rockstar? Well, there is no set answer. Everyone can be a rockstar, but it’s in your hands to decide what makes you FEEL like one, and with that, Modern Rockstars has created a family of followers that all share the passion of making life one big party and looking good while doing it.


So who is spearheading this brand that is seeing insane popularity and growth? Meet JT Holmes. JT was born in Minnesota and grew up with an entrepreneurial mindset. Graduating from DeLaSalle Highschool, JT went on to attend Grand Canyon University in Arizona where he would team up with friend and business partner Luis Basilio to create a nightlife business juggernaut for underage college students to attend.


Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur, and during these parties, JT would notice the array of band tees that would be scattered throughout the crowd, even though these students were at a hip hop party. JT was interested , and when asking people about the shirts and what band they were from, to his surprise, most just responded with “I don’t know, I just like the look of the shirt”, and that’s when the lightbulb went off.


JT knew there was a market for band t’s but the connection was lost between the consumer and the actual band because not everyone was into that music, but they were into the look. JT created Modern Rockstars which bridges the gap of wanting to live the rockstar lifestyle but not necessarily being educated on actual rock and roll.


The designs of the Modern Rockstars were an automatic hit, and have not only caught the eye of the general public but rappers and athletes as well. From NFL to battle rappers, to pro gamers, you name it all, you can find them wearing Modern Rockstars.

Faze Santana (Faze Clan) Faze Santana Modern Rockstars


Aj Richardson (Arizona Cardinals)

Aj Richardson Modern Rockstars



Modern Rockstars has been a hit from the start and there is no slowing down in sight. Along with online sales booming, you can find Modern Rockstars  located in many stores across the U.S that you can see here. Most recently Modern Rockstars collaborated with the Phoenix Suns and Call of Duty!

All in all, this is a brand, but t’s also a family. When you put Modern Rockstar on, you are showing the world that you are comfortable with who you are and you are living life to its fullest potential.

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