The Brand of The People, MDRN ROCKSTARS

The Brand of The People, MDRN ROCKSTARS

If you haven’t heard of MODERN ROCKSTARS, you must be sleeping. This brand is easily one of the hottest and fastest growing clothing brands based out of Phoenix Arizona. You can find it on just about any personality type, age, race, or sex, as well as famous influencers, athletes, and artists… Being a ROCKSTAR is a way of life. Located in 6 different stores, multiple states, and customers world wide, it is sure you will see this clothing brand in a store near you soon. Let’s explore a little bit more about why MDRN ROCKSTARS is the brand of the people, for the culture, and the most popular coming out of 2021 and more than likely 2022.

What Happened to Make MDRN ROCKSTARS

When COVID-19 slammed the world in 2020, JT Holmes, the founder of MDRN ROCKSTARS, had to get creative. Fortunately, that’s always been his specialty, so as the virus shut Holmes main line of work down, event planning and club promoting, he put his full energy into an idea that came about exactly from that same line of canceled work... “God’s calling”, he said. The entrepreneur has always been creative in many ways so although this was “new” for him, it came almost naturally, truly embodying the art of alchemy. Holmes has always been a student and a teacher; networking, promoting, planning for years, so it was only a matter of time he created his own product. His name always was and will be a well known brand in itself anywhere, especially online and on social media. Combining his influence and trust with his work ethic and passion, nothing could stop this man. Essentially, MDRN ROCKSTARS was birthed from a death, and a beautiful one at that.

Fashion Statement

This is a streetwear brand famous for its t-shirts, affordable despite popularity. Its simple designs are original and fun, different from any other brand you’ve seen. Inspired by Rock music and videos being a true love, Holmes wanted his own band tees that anyone could rep and feel like a ROCKSTAR. With dozens of designs to pick from, you really can’t go wrong with this classic and bold style. It’s one of the most diverse and versatile clothing brands because of it, you can even find people wearing it restyled, cut, hemmed and changed for its own look- there are no rules!


As mentioned above, this brand is for everyone. It’s a way of life, a feeling, a vibration. It’s about community and spreading a positive light while feeling good doing it. This brand is built from integrity and hard work and the people who wear it know that. You can find MDRN ROCKSTARS worn in multiple countries (Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and Brazil to name a few), on famous influencers, athletes, rappers, women, men and children- it truly was made for the culture. Everyone should feel comfortable and confident to be who they really are when they wear MDRN ROCKSTARS. This brand is unique because of its affordability, originality, quality, creativity, and community, something they pride themselves on.

What’s Happening Now/Next

As of recently Holmes won “Brand of the Year” this past January 2022 at the Arizona Trending Awards, being one of the most influential brands of the year. You can find MDRN ROCKSTARS in 6 different stores: ThirdDegreeHeat at Scottsdale Fashion Square, Prime Kicks n Cuts at Chandler Fashion Center, HeatGeekzLA in Santa Monica California, LMNTS at Mall of America, and Sneakerbox in Minnesota. They also just partnered with Suns Legacy Partners for a limited-edition Black History Month t-shirt that will only be available in the Team Shop at Footprint Center starting February 10. Holmes mentioned he has another major league sports team interested in working with him in the near future but would rather keep it private until it’s finalized. He plans on getting MODERN ROCKSTARS in at least 5 more stores by the end of this year and deals with bigger stores like ZUMIEZ and PACSUN. The vision is limitless for Holmes and his ROCKSTARS when reaching for the moon and the stars.


MODERN ROCKSTARS wouldn’t be where it is today without Flyers Direct and Nowadays Creative Lab. It takes a seed to be watered and nourished in order to grow. As Holmes' vision for his brand continually expands, he wants to make sure he recognizes those who played an important role in watering and nourishing him so he can continue to grow strong roots and branches for years to come, a legacy in the making.


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